Asahi All You Can Eat Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant

Asahi is a new all you can eat hibachi and sushi restaurant located in the Old Mill Shopping Center in Washington, PA.  This is a new concept and not to be confused with a buffet, at Asahi, guests can enjoy a full hibachi and sushi menu for one very reasonable price. 

We met with the owner just a few weeks before they planned on opening their doors. At this point, Asahi had nothing prepared to let anyone know about their new location. 

And that is where we came in...


With the deadline quickly approaching, Asahi requested a simple and quickly designed logo. We do not suggest approaching the logo design process in hopes of a quick turnover but in some cases you're forced to. 


With time still an issue, we needed to create some content for the website and social networks. Our goal with the photos was to showcase the quality of design behind the restaurant while subtly conveying the main point: THIS IS NOT A BUFFET.



With the new restaurant opening, our goal was to create an easy to understand user experience. Asahi's website is mobile responsive and works seamlessly across all devices, a crucial element for success with Google.

Beyond just creating a simple website to meet our short deadline, we focused on the needs of the user and built the page with them in mind.

The Main Menu is simple making it easy for a potential customer to find the information they need. We also added a Mobile Bar which shows up on your smartphone when accessing the website. With one touch, the user can call the restaurant or access a map for directions.


Since opening their doors, Asahi focused their efforts towards a single social network focusing their efforts towards a Facebook page. We've rolled out a monthly Facebook ad campaign to target people within a 10 mile radius of the new location. 


Now that the restaurant was ready to open, Asahi took advantage of their giant windows and placed their logo across the front of the building. Along with the window stickers, they also ordered a giant banner for the main road and some yard signs to put out on Route 19.

If you like what you saw or have any questions, let us know!