Arkham Realty Web Project

Arkham Realty and Property Management has a new vision for real estate. Stefan W. Nitsch takes a different approach and informs buyers of the pros and cons associated with each property helping to guide them towards arriving at their own decision. It's an honest approach matched with a proper investment strategy.

With not much more than a month to work with, Arkham Realty needed their entire brand identity developed from scratch. We immediately started brainstorming our plan.

The Brand

Arkham Realty has a unique offering and our focus is to portray them as a company you can trust. Stefan W. Nitsch brings a unique personality to the table and it is our goal to bring that to life within his brand. We are only in the beginning stages of developing this brand but already have long-term ideas in place to help it evolve.


If the name of this business doesn't ring a bell, it's a reference to Batman and so is the color palette. The color scheme is a Batman / Joker mashup to avoid the obvious 'Black and Yellow'  Steel City Pride trap.



Stefan W. Nitsch has nearly a decade of real estate experience under his belt. With the new incorporation of Arkham Realty, Stefan had a completely customized Arkham Realty championship belt created by the same guy who creates the WWE belts. You gotta appreciate the message being sent here, his company may be new but Stefan is already winning and teaching others how to as well.




the Credits

Pat Hanavan