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Think of what it looks like when a new office building is being constructed: first you’ll see the foundation being dug and poured, next you’ll see the scaffolding come up around the base structure, new layers and features are added on, and finally you’ll see the last layer of paint added. With us, you’ll be included from the first shovel in the dirt. With Craig Maier Coaching being fresh new company, we started with fresh dirt to build an efficient, informational and purposeful experience for his potential new consumers.
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“Super Deep Creative provided a balance between high-level strategic know-how and hands-on technical skills. A perfect fit for small businesses wanting a leg-up in social media and stategy driven communication goals.”


  • Clarifying goals and purpose
  • Drive consumers to clear Call to Action 
  • Improve consumer journey by identify purpose for each webpage


  • Update website with goal oriented pages to drive consumer action
  • Research paths for stronger website layout and higher quality keywords
  • Identify ideal user, understand user, build consumer experience for user


  • Social media strategy to drive more engagement 
  • Higher quality consumer experience and call to action for booking appointments 
  • Updated website with goal oriented pages with improved keywords for higher ranking 


As we work together, you’ll see the project come alive as we work together. We work closely with our partners to pave a path forward that makes sense for them. Craig Maier Coaching was no different when we started with auditing his strengths the weaknesses. We identified his main offerings and each page on his website now has a purpose to drive potential clients. 
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It’s essential to consider the perspective of the customer always and in all ways. How the consumer thinks and considers a company’s brand and its competitors’ brands will help to understand the buying decisions of the consumer and the market as a whole. Building credibility is a great start for any new business. Without customer trust, you won’t have their loyalty. Showoff your talents and capabilities. 


Identifying and implementing a strong communication strategy for your business is key to growth. From new algorithms to new research and tools, business owners are constantly challenged to adapt to make the most out of a marketing strategy. An effective strategy works as a map, guiding your activities and providing you with benchmarks and goals throughout the year. If your map is no longer taking you in the right direction, it might be time to review it. 
With Craig Maier Coaching, it was important to open up his business to new channels of communication such as a blog, twitter and LinkedIn. A social calendar and goals for your communication outlets is a great starting point. With Craig Maier Coaching, we looked at building sustainable social media practices with methods that could be repeatable over time. A blog, twitter and LinkedIn were those building blocks. 


The ability to upload high-quality photos has resulted in companies increasingly using visual content in their marketing. Images in advertisements bring on more emotion. Because of this, visuals in social media are often used to promote products, services, and brands. This is because of the physiological properties of our brains, which absorb images better, and faster, than text. 
Gathering updated content for your website will only increase visuality of your brand and personality. People want to see who you are. Additionally, more than 90% of the data processed by the brain are images. The brain can also remember and understand text better when pictures are next to it. With Craig Maier Coaching, we wanted consumers to get a little closer to Craig and show a more personable side.   


Try not to overload the picture with unnecessary details – stick to minimalism. The main purpose of a post on social networks is to convey the message to the audience. Use as few colors, fonts and pictures as possible – simplicity attracts and conveys information better. 

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